Have breakfast in Venice.
Bathe in the sea of Ibiza.

On the same day

Be in the air in
only two steps

You can do it all with our
exclusive private flights.
The wings to your paradise.

Be in the air in
only two steps

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    Dare to discover a new sky.

    Drink champagne on board.

    Never miss a meeting.

    Dare to discover a new sky. Drink champagne on board. Never miss a meeting.


    a private driver

    Book Meeting

    Eat fresh sushi
    at 30,000 feet

    Enjoy the
    art of Gin

    Taste wines
    from around the world

    Have a masseuse
    on board

    And every other addon that you need.

    Name it.

    Travel with peace of mind.

    Everything will be accounted for.

    A journey made just
    for you! It’s not always
    about where you are,
    but also how you get there.

    Whether you are traveling for leisure or for work, do it in comfort and safety with the best and most experienced pilots.

    We can’t tell you who our clients are, but we can tell you what they say.

    “I like to travel, but normally, I don’t enjoy flying, because it feels like “lost time”. This trip was different in that way. Managed to take part in a meeting with stable Wi-Fi on the whole trip and watch a movie afterward. I want to thank everyone for their sympathy! This is the life. ”
    "Throughout almost a decade, I have experienced an incredibly professional and dedicated service by the efficient Ivan Lopes... Paradise Escape for sure and guaranteed another trip to book again.”
    "I’ve been traveling a lot for work this past year, so it’s hard to feel relaxed. Today, I just landed in Paris. It’s my first vacation this year that’s only for leisure purposes. The whole flight was incredible, but not having to worry about booking hotels, restaurants or private drivers was the best part. Thank you!”